How to Organize Your Car’s Trunk Like A Boss

Have you ever felt like your car’s trunk is just a mess? That is completely normal! In the everyday, there is almost no time to stop, and you end up throwing stuff inside. But worry you shall not, friend. In this post, you will learn how to organize your car’s trunk like a boss! Let’s get down to business!


The basics

First things first. Leave the trunk completely empty. Specially if it is a little messy. All the stuff and random things have to go out. Then, you can place each object near to you and decide which one stays and which one you throw away. Just to be clear, you do not really need all the stuff you are keeping.

Now is possible that you are wondering about the essentials. Maybe you have a first aid kit around.

That is a must-have. You never know when you are going to need it. Imagine you are on a road trip, and you get lost or even (we hope not) if someone or yourself have a car accident. So, the best thing in order to know how to organize the car’s trunk is to place it inside and secure it with a strap, for example.

Another basic that you could already have is a repair kit. Same thing. You never know when it will come in handy. You are not going to need a lot of stuff inside your repair kit, but some screwdrivers, a wrench… Typical tools that can fix a bad situation.

This kit usually weights more than the first aid one, so, if you want to know how to organize your car’s trunk, a tip: strap it tight. No one wants heavy metal tools rolling around the trunk during a trip.

If you want to have a well organized car trunk, and also full of useful objects, you can add a bottle of windshield washer fluid. Another interesting choice is to stock one of engine oil, and a bottle of water or antifreeze fluid, just in case you need it. But, as we said, each one of them are optional. However, if you decide to carry any bottle, remember to strap it well enough too.

Fancy additions to make a difference

It is time to take the plunge. The tools and objects we are going to show you now, will take you from: How to organize my car’s trunk, to: How to organize my car’s trunk like a boss! Stay tuned and do not lose a thing!

Dog Car Seat Cover

Want to take a ride with your furry friend? Then, you know that sometimes, after a good walk in the woods or a park, it is risky to get it inside your car again. Mud and dirt all over your seats… It is a picture never pleasant.

That is the reason why you should add a dog seat car cover when you are organizing your car’s trunk.


It is easy to pack, so not a lot of space will be needed for it. And the best thing? It is super comfortable! It is also provided with anchors, to make sure that no slipping problems interfere with your time together while driving. In addition, you will have two pockets to use as you want!

Is the ride over? Then, the easiest part is waiting for you! Just unhook the cover and throw it in the washing machine! If there is not a lot of dirt, you always can vacuum it safely! Once it has dried out, just fold it and store it in your car’s trunk, in an organized way, of course!

Ergonomic Shopping Trolley

Our next fancy addition is clearly a lifesaver! And a time saver too! Have you forgotten the bags for groceries at home? Then forget them! You have an ergonomic shopping trolley, and you know where, right? That’s it! Just in your super organized car’s trunk!


You can rely on in this fancy shopping partner, it is made of premium nylon and PVC and have wheels! No weight should be a problem. It is perfect as a sustainable measure, respectful with the environment and the nature. Do you want to reduce the plastic consumption and your ecological footprint? Then this is your best option!

Another amazing feature of the ergonomic shopping trolley is its capacity to adapt to every situation. It can be used in the shape of a bag or a trolley, but if you want to store it, just change it at convenience. It is completely foldable. So, how to organize your car’s trunk like a boss? Well, sure that this trolley helps a lot!

Waterproof Car Trash Bin

Last but not least, we have another object not just useful as it is, but handy and committed to the environment. A fantastic waterproof car trash bin that you simply can not leave out when organizing your car’s trunk.

Be aware at every moment of your garbage when you are out on a picnic. No need for unnecessary fines or penalties, and of course, you will be contributing to a sustainable environment.


Apart from that utility, we can not forget about its usage inside your own car! Do not let the inside of your car be a complete mess. The candy wrappers on the floor season is over! You can sling it over a seat, for example. This way of use, it is specially useful if you usually carry any children in your car. Make sure that no snack wrappers get lost inside the cabin.

Just to put the finishing touches on the matter, it is extremely durable, as it is crafted from premium oxford cloth, completely waterproof. It has two side pockets and a Velcro closing, perfect for unfinished drinks. This is clearly a fancy addition you want to have when you are organizing your car’s trunk!

Now you know how to organize your car’s trunk like a boss, so… Do not waste any time and go out! Go Auto!

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