10 essential accessories to buy for your first car

Let me guess… Have you bought your first car, and now you want to add a touch of distinction to it? Then you have nothing to worry about, because you are at the correct place. Go Auto have selected for you what accessories to buy for your first car. Here are 10 essential must-haves!

Universal car footstep

Do you like astronomy? Or maybe enjoy a good camping weekend. Those activities usually implies the usage of the top of your car. Whether you carry all the stuff there or like to sit there to look at the night sky, we have a tool designed to make everything way easier.

Our universal car footstep is one of those objects you have to keep in mind if you are asking yourself what accessories to buy for your first car. Access the roof with zero problems. Its safety is one of its biggest powers.

Do you want to load and strap all kind of cargo? Wash your car properly? Do not put yourself in danger, do it with the certainty of know that you will not slip or fall.

Bluetooth portable speaker

No more outdoor plans without music! Carry this little one everywhere you go and enjoy the best music. Its size is perfect to fit in any car glove pocket, so you can go around with it all the time and just forget about it until you need it.

Best thing of it all? This Bluetooth portable speaker is waterproof! That is why you do not have to fear taking it near the water if you go to the beach, a lake, or a river! Clearly is one of the best accessories to buy for your first car!

Retro player car air freshener

Are you looking for cool things to buy for your car? Then… Hold your horses! This retro player car air freshener is your thing. Probably the coolest accessory to buy for your first car!

All eyes will be on you when someone gets into your new car. The exquisite design and all of its details are just amazing. Do you have in mind a record player working? Well, this freshener works exactly the same way, but the different discs are the different fresheners, each of them with a unique scent!

Indestructible magnetic 3-in-1 cable

A long road trip. One of your friends starts to drain the battery of the phone as quick as hell. Now your friend needs a charger and forgot his/her own at home. Ring any bells? The solution is this indestructible magnetic 3-in-1 cable. Yeah, sounds bombastic, and well… It is bombastic!

Sturdy, compact, and the best of it? 3 different inputs, micro USB, type C and lightning. Whatever the phone of your friend, or yours, is, this cable is the answer to your prayers. No doubts here, an indispensable accessory to buy for your first car.

Rhinestone steering wheel cover

Okay, okay, we get it! Luxury is what you need! All said and done! This one is another cool thing to buy for your car. A rhinestone steering wheel cover. Maybe you are into 90s rap, or maybe you just like shiny stuff. Whatever the reason is, this accessory is for you.

The quality of its finishes will meet all your expectations. Made of black polyurethane leather, will suit your car perfectly. Is it an essential accessory to buy for your first car? Well… We think it is! But, it is up to you to decide!

Mini USB disco light

Won’t you take me to Funkytown? Yes! We will take you! With this mini USB disco light, the truth is that you can take Funkytown anywhere you go. Funky, jazzy, disco… The mood is on you to choose.

You can connect this astonishing gadget to the USB of your phone and bring tons of colors to the inside of your car. It does not matter if it is winter or summer, the party is here and now with this must-have accessory to buy for your first car.

Anti-lost smart Bluetooth tracker

Common inconvenience. You do not know where you putted the keys. Worst case scenario. Your car has been stolen. Different problems, same solution. The anti-lost smart Bluetooth tracker.

As simple as put one of this in the object you want to track. From your pet’s collar to your backpack or even the remote. Place a coin battery inside and start tracking up to six months. No kidding, this will save your day if you do not know where your car is. Sounds good, right? Top tier accessory to buy for your first car.

Multipurpose folding shovel

If you spend a lot of time in the wilderness, this is for you. If you do not, it is for you too. Clearly, you will get more out of it in the first case, but who knows when are you going to need one of its 23 functions? Yeah, 23. The multipurpose folding shovel can come handy anywhere, anytime.

If you are wondering what accessories to buy for your first car, this one has to be in your trunk.

USB ceiling night light

Another one destined to create a kind atmosphere inside your car. Turn it on and enjoy the spectacle. This USB ceiling night light uses almost no power, however, the results of its brightness will leave you speechless. It is not only beautiful, but extremely adjustable.

You will be able to choose the area where you want to display the lights. It is a great option if you do not want to have any problem with your neighbors, for example. Make the most of every cold winter night, with this accessory to buy for your first car.

Neon glow cable

Last but not least, the neon glow cable. Want a gaming touch inside your car? Then, this is your best option. Bend it as you wish, give it a cool shape, and pick the same color as your car!

If you are wondering about the best accessories to buy for your first car, you can count on it!

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